Germany and Czech Republic for our two athletes from the Vélo Pays-d’en-Haut’s elite PG team

World Cup in Albstadt, Germany

On May 7th, two athletes from the Vélo Pays-d’en-Haut’s elite PG team, Zorak Paillé (junior) and Julianne Sarrazin (U23), participated in the Albstadt World Cup in Germany.

For his first Junior World Cup race, Zorak Paillé finished 31st out of 146 riders. He is the first Canadian ever to complete this course.

As for Julianne Sarrazin, she had a bad start and suffered painful back spasms. However, despite these difficulties, she persevered and placed 53rd in the U23 category. 


World Cup in Nové Město, Czech Republic

This was a second European event for Julianne Sarrazin and Zorak Paillé.

Zorak had an incredible race at the Junior Series World Cup in the Czech Republic, as he placed 10th out of 126 riders. A fantastic result, as he ranked among the world’s top ten at the start of the season.

Julianne Sarrazin, now 19 years old, entered the U23 category this year. She finished 54th out of 75 riders in this race. Julianne is among the youngest in this very competitive category. We believe in you, Julianne!

Congratulations Zorak and Julianne! Keep up the great work!