An inspiring partnership between Plaisirs Gastronomiques and Adam Roberge

The Plaisirs Gastronomiques team is proud to sponsor Adam Roberge, a talented and committed professional cyclist who has won several prestigious gravel races in North America. With four national titles under his belt, this Quebecer is one of the most outstanding cyclists of his generation.

Over the course of his career, Adam has claimed victory in a dozen gravel races, including some of North America’s most prestigious. He also earned a place on the podium at almost all the major events on the continent. And his list of achievements includes four national titles, attesting to his dominance of the Canadian cycling scene.

In addition to his sporting career, Adam is very involved in his community. He actively participates in fundraising events and provides free educational content online. He believes sports are a powerful tool to inspire people to reach their goals, and to live healthier, happier lives.

Adam strives to help others live more fulfilling lives by sharing the lessons he learned while competing at the highest level. He focuses on optimizing physical and mental fitness, nutrition and recovery. Through experts, books and various media, he continuously deepens his understanding of these issues, applies lessons to his daily life and analyzes their effectiveness so he can share his valuable findings with his supporters.

Plaisirs Gastronomiques is delighted to be partnering with Adam Roberge because of the values we share. By collaborating with Adam, PG is especially proud to be promoting self-betterment, since we firmly believe that professional sports can be a great source of inspiration in creating a healthier and more satisfying life on a daily basis.