How can I know if an allergen is included in the ingredients of a product?

We must follow strict government standards regarding the declaration of food allergens on our packagings. Their presence must be declared on the packaging. If a product contains milk, for example, the following allegation will be indicated on the packaging, under the ingredient list: "Contains : milk products". To consult the list of the notifiable allergens, please click here.

If you have an allergy to an ingredient not listed in this list, such as cinnamon or garlic, we highly recommend that you contact us to confirm whether the ingredient is present in your product before eating it. To contact us, please click here.

Which Plaisirs Gastronomiques products contain peanuts?

None! We do not use peanuts or ingredients that contain peanuts.

Which Plaisirs Gastronomiques products are gluten free?

We have a wide variety of gluten-free products that you can discover on our website by visiting the "gluten free products" page under the "products" menu. To access this page, please click here

Also, a yellow "gluten free" logo can be found on most of our gluten-free products' packaging. 

How can I be sure that my product has not been in contact with a food allergen?

We have in place a rigorous allergen control program that prevents cross contamination. So if a notifiable food allergen is not in the allergen list of your product (under the ingredient list), you can be assured that it does not contain it.

To consult the list of the notifiable food allergens, please click here

How can I be sure that one of your gluten-free products does not contain any trace of gluten, even if its packaging has a "gluten free" logo?

In order to add our "gluten free" logo on the packaging of our products, these products must be analyzed by independent laboratories which validate the absence of this element. We also have in place an allergen control program that prevents cross-contamination.