Proud to Support Emerging Athletes with Club de compétition Belle Neige

For many years now, Plaisirs Gastronomiques has been conveying its passion for sports and investing in the next generation of athletes. Alpine skiing is a competitive sport that requires a rigorous framework, high-quality teachings and a sound environment that fosters the development of young talents.

“Ever since we started collaborating with Plaisirs Gastronomiques 3 years ago, the number of registered members at the Club has doubled,” explains Marie-Pier Jourdain, Chief Coach of the Club de compétition Belle-Neige. “More and more, families inquire about the quality of the competitive programs. In 2018, we created an elite competitive club with the help of Plaisirs Gastronomiques: the CCBN S1 Racing. Since then, the performances and accomplishments of the S1 Racing team have sparked a craze for our Club,” adds Ms. Jourdain. 

Plaisirs Gastronomiques invests in the development of alpine skiing emerging athletes. The investments are spread out among three aspects: infrastructure, coaching expertise and guidance. These investments gave way to the recruitment of the best coaches, high-quality teaching being the Club’s absolute priority.

CCBN’s Mission

Club de compétition Belle Neige is an organization that aims to promote competitive alpine skiing in an optimal framework and to give young athletes a chance to develop several skills. These skills include competitiveness and performance, surpassing one’s self through sport, improvement of physical, social and psychological abilities, as well as the development and upholding of important values and of healthy lifestyle habits.

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